The electric cordless water kettle, convenient and efficient

Thanks to the electric cordless water kettle, it has never been easier to boil water. Just fill the electric kettle up with water and place it back on its base. You will have a kettle full of boiling water in no time.

With safety features and other user-friendly functions the electric cordless water kettle has a huge advantage over the traditional stove top kettle. The automatic shut-off and the boil dry function make sure the electric cordless water kettle shut itself off and never gets overheated. A neat function like the variable temperature control let you brew the perfect cup of tea and the and the “keep warm”-function keeps the water hot for a second cup of tea.

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The electric cordless water kettle is not only more convenient than the old fashioned stove top kettle, but more efficient as well. What makes the electric cordless water kettles so efficient is due to the placement of the heating element.

We take a closer look at electric cordless kettles

The heating element is normally hidden just under a thin stainless steel bottom which takes far less time and energy to heat up than the base of a traditional stove top kettle. You will also get more heat radiation to the surroundings from both gas and electric (traditional, ceramic and induction) stove tops. Boil water the “greenest” way with an electric cordless water kettle!

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Electric cordless water kettle reviews

To get a complete overview of the various electric cordless tea and water kettles can be difficult and time consuming. Therefore have I thoroughly studied and reviewed most electric cordless water kettle found online and in the shops. Do yourself a favour and read my review before you buy your new electric cordless water kettle.

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Plastic or toxin free kettles

Are you concern about Bisphenol A (BPA) or other toxins leaching from plastic into your drinking water? You are not alone and there is a good reason to cautious, because we don’t fully know and understand the effects yet. I have made a list of electric cordless water kettle that have no plastic parts or are free from BPA to make it easier for you to do the right choice. Better to be safe than sorry!

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Best selling electric kettles

Not sure what electric cordless tea kettle to buy? Have a look at the best selling electric kettles to see what is hot these days. To look at the best selling electric cordless water kettles can be a great way to find a kettle you like.

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The greatest electric cordless water kettles

I have chosen the greatest electric cordless water kettles in a various of categories to make it easier for you to find the best suiting electric kettle. For example, if you want an electric cordless water kettle without any plastic parts or the greatest electric tea kettle with variable temperature control, you should have a closer look at our great kettle section.

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Information regarding electric kettles

Get the latest news and information regarding electric cordless water kettles.

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