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Our purpose at ElectricCordlessWaterKettle.com are to make it easier to search for good and reliable information regarding electric cordless electric kettles. We write our reviews and articles after we have done thorough research, including hands-on experience with the product.

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What are our sources?

Our sources for the articles and reviews on ElectricCordlessWaterKettle.com comes from first- and second-hand experience. What we mean with first-hand experience is that we have used and tested the product ourself and are writing the article based on our beliefs and thoughts. We also use second-hand experience to write our articles and reviews since it sometimes is hard to find someone to borrow from or too expensive to buy the product just to review it. We strive to get many independent sources when we use second-hand experience to get unbiased reviews.

ElectricCordlessWaterKettle.com also find their information in user manuals. When we can’t find the answer we were looking for in the user manual or on the manufacturers homepage we often send a query on e-mail to the manufacturers. We do all this so you can feel safe that our reviews and articles are legit and contain correct information.