Review: Brentwood Model KT-1780 1.5 Liter Stainless steel kettle

The Brentwood Model KT-1780 is a nice electric cordless kettle made of stainless steel. The powerful 1000 wattage heating element is concealed below the stainless steel bottom and ensures fast and efficient boiling of water. When the water comes to a full boil the automatic shut-off function switch the kettle off and you can lift up the kettle from its power base for a convenient and cordless serving.

Product features

 Brushed stainless steel housing.
• Capacity of 1.5 liter.
• 1000 watts heating element.
• Automatic shut-off and boil dry protection.
• 360-degrees swivel base.
• Lightweight, only 2 pounds.

Brentwood KT-1780 electric kettle review

My first impression of the Brentwood KT-1780 was that it was just another electric kettle, but as I used it over the next couple of days I liked it more and more. I guess a reason I didn’t fall in “love” with it straight away was the appearance of the kettle. It looks like a regular electric kettle with its brushed stainless steel housing and black plastic handle and lid. I didn’t find the kettle as elegant and maybe a little bit “cheaper” than some other electric kettles I have looked at previously. I have now, after having this kettle for a week, the impression that this electric kettle was made for everyday use.

A closer look

As I unpack my new Brentwood KT-1780 and lift it out of the box I notice how light it feels. Even though, I get the impression that the stainless steel housing and black plastic parts are sturdy. The base is flimsy as seems to be normal with most electric kettles these days. The electric cord is 3 feet and the excess cord can be wrapped underneath the base if you don’t need the full length. You can place your kettle housing on top of the base from any angle and lift it up without manually connecting the kettle to the base. This is also something that has become the standard nowadays.

Next, I flip the lid open to have a peek inside. The interior of this kettle is completely made of stainless steel, except for the plastic lid of course. The heating element is located below the flap stainless steel bottom and there is no water level gauge as most kettles have. The water level markings are all stamped into the metal and show you the minimum level of 0.5 liter, 1 liter and the maximum of 1.5 liter. These markings can be hard to see when you refill the kettle since they are placed on the inner wall on the handle side. You have to hold the kettle awkwardly when refilling and looking at the water level markings at the same time.

The plastic contains BPA

The clean stainless steel surfaces make it very easy to maintain and keep clean. I know a lot of you are happy that the interior is (almost) plastic free. After I had a closer look at the box I found out that the plastic used in the handle and lid contains BPA.

If you don’t know what BPA is, I recommend you to have a look at this article here.

The warning about the product is made of plastic with BPA was not only on the box but also underneath the kettle itself. However, this warning was concealed by a sticker which I think is a bit naughty of Brentwood. Anyway, BPA is not a deal breaker for me because the water that comes in contact with the lid is minimal. When the kettle is heating water some water vapor will come in contact with the lid before some of it drips back down into the kettle and get mixed with the rest of the water, without being an expert on BPA I believe this exposure to be minimal. I don’t think we should be hysterical but cautious when it comes to BPA.

If you want an electric kettle complete free from plastic have a look at my recommended plastic free kettles or BPA-free kettles.

Operation of the kettle

I fill the kettle all the way up to the maximum level which is 1.5 liters before I close the lid. To close the lid push it down until you can hear it snap into place or push the tab on the top of the lid in. I turn on the kettle by flipping the switch on top of the handle and the red indicator light illuminates.

When the water has come to a full boil the kettle will switch itself off and you can hear an audible “click”. This electric kettle has also boil dry protection which prevents the kettle to overheat if it is accidently turned on with little or no water in it. A full kettle took me 8 minutes to heat to a rolling boil, which I think is acceptable due to it has only 1000 watts. Electric kettles with 1500 watts and same capacity are not uncommon today.

It is finally time to brew my first cup of tea with this Brentwood kettle. The handle has a nice thickness to it which gives me a good grip when both carrying and pouring. The spout makes it easy to pour steadily without any spillage. I noticed that the electric kettle had some new plastic smell the first few times I used it, but the water had no foul odor or taste to it.


Brentwood KT-1780 is an electric kettle without the exclusive and elegant look, but it gets the job done. The brushed stainless steel looks good, but the plastic feels “cheap”. If you are looking for an electric kettle that boils really fast this is not your kettle. But to be fair, you get a lot when you take into account the price. If you are looking for an electric kettle with basic features to a reasonable price this might be a good option.

The Brentwood KT-1780 has a little brother with a capacity of 1.2 liter if you fancy a smaller version. Have a closer look at the smaller Brentwood KT-1770 here.

+ Cheap.
+ Brushed stainless steel.

Contains BPA.
Boils a bit slow.