Great plastic-free kettles

Research has shown that some plastics should not be in contact with our food and beverages because it may leach different toxins. A toxin called Bisphenol A (BPA) which we find in the popular plastic polycarbonate has got a lot of media coverage the last decade. Research has shown that the toxin BPA is more dangerous than anticipated. It became a huge scandal when it was discovered that many baby bottles from different manufacturers were made of Polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate, the sinner!

Polycarbonate is easy to mould, durable and relatively cheap, but it will weakens with time. As the plastic weakens it will start to leach (release) more and more BPA. Another characteristic to Polycarbonate is that when it weakens or is heated up, it will release BPA faster.

Both baby bottles and electric cordless water kettles gets heated and have hot content regularly each and everyday. If the bottle or kettle is made of BPA- plastic, the content will be contaminated with BPA fairly quickly and end up in the body through either warm milk to the baby or the morning tea/ coffee. Therefore it is important to avoid products made of Polycarbonate in the kitchen, but it can sometimes be difficult to find what type of plastic is used. I will suggest you to buy an electric cordless kettle made of either glass or stainless-steel to avoid exposure to BPA, but in reality it is not that easy since most electric cordless kettles have some plastic parts.

I have found three different electric cordless water kettles that have no or just minor plastic parts that might come in contact with your boiling water.

Precise HeatTM 1.5 liter electrc wtr kettle

The Precise HeatTM has a vintage style, but still has all the modern functions. What make this electric kettle interesting are not the good looks, but that it is made with surgical stainless steel and has absolutely not plastic parts that can come in contact with the water. Surgical stainless steel has a smoother and stronger surface and is more corrosive resistant than regular stainless steel. The heating element is hidden below the stainless steel bottom and the water level markings are imprinted in the metal. If you are looking for an electric kettle that has no plastic parts which can come in contact with the water and looks great at well, look no further. Two thumbs up!

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Surgical stainless steel.
+ No plastic in contact with the water.
+ Quick Heating.
Body and top gets burning hot.

Capresso H2O Plus Glass Water Kettle

The Capresso H2O Plus electric kettle has a beautiful glass design that will fit right in on any kitchen counter. The kettle housing is made of glass and has a stainless-steel dome that covers the heating element at the bottom. Inside the kettle you won’t find any plastic at all and the only plastic part that can come in contact with your boiling water is the lid. But this is only possible during pouring and the lid can be removed if you like. The few plastic parts used on this Capresso H2O Plus is completely free for any Bisphenol A (BPA).

The seal around the stainless-steel dome and glass is made of silicone. Some have complained about bad smell and odor coming from this seal. The kettle I tested didn’t have this bad odor, but it seems to be a real problem that several have had. Capresso has at least a good customer service that are helpful. The silicone should be safe and no research has yet shown that it leaches any toxins.

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+ Good looking glass kettle.
+ 360-degrees swivel base.
+ Concealed powerful heating element.

No spout filter.
Many reports of bad odor.

Hamilton Beach 40898 Cool-Touch

The Cool-touch has a sleek dual walled stainless-steel housing that is just stunning with its simple shape. The water container is made of stainless-steel and you can’t find any plastic parts at all below or right above the water level. This ensures the water won’t be contaminated by BPA. On the other hand, the boiling water will come in contact with some plastic when you are pouring. The spout filter holder and lid is made of plastic, but I couldn’t figure out if these were made of the harmful type of plastic. The positive side is that you can easily remove the hold spout filter and its holder.

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+ Automatic shut-off function.
+ No welded joints on the kettle housing.
+ “Cool-touch” housing.

Plastic spout filter holder.
Hard to see the max water level indicator.

Cuisinart KUA-17

The Cuisinart KUA-17 is a beautiful polished stainless-steel electric tea kettle that will fit right in on the more traditional kitchen. The old stove top look hides a modern electric kettle inside with many neat features. The only plastic the boiling water can come in touch with are the max water level indicator. The indicator is placed around a pipe that runs on the inside of the kettle and can be easily removed with a knife. This is maybe one of the electric kettles with the least plastic parts I have come a cross in my search for the plastic free electric kettle.

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+ Stainless-steel housing.
+ Cord storage in the base.
+ Cool-touch handle.

No spout filter.
No partial water level indications.