Review: Krups BW600 Silver Art collection 2-quart electric kettle

The Krups BW600 has stainless steel housing with a shiny chrome finish and faux wood details. The kettle has definitely an exclusive and stunning look, but good looks are not the only thing BW600 has to offer. A powerful heating element ensures that water is boiling within minutes and features like automatic shut-off make this kettle both safe and user-friendly. This electric kettle is part of Krups’ Silver Art collection which contains other matching kitchen appliances.

Krups is well-known for their electric kitchen appliances usually with an appealing design and good quality. This electric cordless kettle is part of a collection of different chrome appliances. Hope Krups have spent as much time on the construction as they have on the design.

Product features

• Stainless steel housing with chrome finish.
• Capacity of 1.7 Liters (2 quarts).
• Both automatic and manual shut-off function.
• Powerful concealed 1500 watts heating element.
• 360- degrees swivel base.
• 2 years warranty.

Krups BW600 2-quart electric kettle review

The Krups BW600 has a classical style and shape with a stunning chrome finish and faux (false) wooden details. The “wooden” details are really plastic with a look-a-like wood finish, but still give the kettle both an exclusive look and feel. However, I am a little bit worried that the faux wood might start to fade or lose its wooden look due to wear. Real wood would of course make this electric kettle more exclusive, but might not be the best choice. Real wood would probably crack due to exposure to both heat and moisture.

The kettle housing is made of stainless steel and feels sturdy, in fact the whole kettle seems to be of high quality. I am very pleased when I found out that this electric kettle from Krups is manufactured in Solingen, Germany. As you might know, the Germans are known for making great products. However, I later found out that not all of the Krups BW600 kettles are made in Germany, some are made in China.

The handle is made of plastic even though it looks like it is made of chromed stainless steel and wood. The lid is also made of plastic and has the same chromed finish which matches the rest of the kettle. The button to open the lid is placed on top of the handle and is within reach with my thumb. The button is of course chromed to match the rest of the kettle and with a push of the button the lid flips open. The lid is hinged in the middle, but still leaves a generous opening for filling water. I like the fact that there is a water level gauge on either side of the kettle housing which makes this electric kettle ideal for both right- and left-handed people.

When I peek inside the kettle housing it reveals a few plastic parts, the water level gauge, the water filter and its holder. Before I acquired this electric kettle I sent an e-mail to Krups asking what kind of plastic had been used. The reason for this is that I know a lot of you (including me) try to avoid products with Bisphenol A (BPA). Reassuringly the plastic used in this electric kettle if free of the toxin BPA.

Beauty and functionality

When the kettle is full of water I push the lid down until it “clicks” shut before I return the kettle to its base. The base is of the swivel type which allows you to place the kettle from any direction and it is exactly the same as what other electric cordless kettles have. But what makes the base to this Krups BW600 stand out is that it has the same chrome and faux wood finish as the kettle. Usually the base is a simple and boring black plastic disc on the kitchen counter. Another feature with the base you might like is that you can coil up any extra cord underneath the base plate to keep your kitchen counter tidy.

The ON/OFF- switch is located below the handle and differentiates a bit from the rest of the kettle by being made of clear plastic. By flipping the clear switch down the kettle starts to operate and the switch illuminates. The clear illuminated switch is a nice modern touch to the otherwise classical look.

The water is heated by a 1500 wattage heating element which is concealed below a stainless steel plate at the bottom of the kettle. A full kettle with the generous capacity of 1.7 Liters (2 quarts) took me only about 5 minutes to bring to a rolling boil which quite good. When the water comes to a boil the automatic shut-off function turn the kettle off and the ON/OFF- switch flips up and the light goes out. You can also just flip the switch up manually if you want to shut it off before the automatic shut-off kicks in.

The kettle housing gets of course very hot after boiling water and it is therefore important to have a comfortable handle with a good grip. I found the handle on this Krups to be cool to touch and very comfortable when both carrying and pouring. Before the water leaves through the spout, which by the way works great without any dripping or spilling, it passes through the anti-scale filter. The filter is designed to pick up lime scale or any other impurities and is great for people with hard water in their taps.

The last, but maybe the most important thing I would to share with you is that the water still taste good after being boiled by the kettle.

The Silver Art collection

The Krups BW600 is part of a collection of different kitchen appliances, all with the same chrome and faux wood look. The Silver Art collection, which it is named, contains a toaster, coffeemaker, espresso machine and a citrus press. These appliances will definitely stand out on your kitchen counter with their shiny and stunning appearance.


The Krups BW600 is a stunning kettle with its shiny chrome finish and faux wood details. I like that the base has also got the same chrome and wood finish as the rest of the kettle. The overall look and the details make this electric cordless kettle stands out from its competitors, but also make it expensive. I think the Krups BW600 is worth the high price with its sturdy construction and 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. If you want a beautiful electric cordless water kettle look no further.

+ Beautiful.
+ Sturdy.
+ BPA-free.