Review: Ovente KP72 1.7-Liter Kettle

The Ovente  KP72 is an affordable electric kettle that is available in various fun colors. While the concealed heating element boils water fast and efficiently, a stylish blue LED light illuminates the water level gauge. The kettle has of course an automatic shut-off function with boil dry protection.

Product Features

7 liter capacity.
• Non-slip 360 degree rotary base.
• 1100 wattage.
• Concealed heating element.
• Automatic shut-off function.
• BPA free.
• 1 year warranty.

Ovente KP72 review

The Ovente KP72 is a nice electric kettle made of plastic. However, the plastic Ovente have used is free from BPA (Bisphenol A) so you have no reason to worry. The kettle comes in five different colors, white, green, pink, baby pink and brown. Either go for a discreet color, like white or brown, or go for bright and lively color, like green and pink. You shouldn’t have any problems finding a color you like.

The plastic kettle housing has a generous capacity of 1.7 liters, which should be enough for most situations. What I found that I didn’t like about the kettle housing where that it felt a bit flimsy. The plastic walls were a bit too thin for my liking. I have used my kettle for a few months already, and it is still working perfectly and nothing has broken.

Ovente KP72 light in water leval gaugeUseful Features

On both sides of the kettle housing, there is a water level gauge with clear markings. A really cool feature is that the water level gauge lights up during use by a blue LED light.

The kettle stands on the power base, which is a 360° swivel base. This means you can rotate, pick up and place the kettle back on the base from any direction. The base has a couple of other convenient features as well, like the non-slip surface underneath that prevents it from sliding around on your counter top. The second useful feature is that you can store the excess electric cord underneath the base. For you information the cord is about 30”, which is definitely enough for me.

The spout has a filter to remove any impurities before they reach your cup. The spout filter can be removed by pulling it out and then washed. To place the filter back, simply push it back into its slot.

Ovente-KP72-spout-filterBoiling Water

The Ovente KP72 is easy to use, fill it up, place it on its base and flip the ON-switch.

To open the lid, just push the button on top of it and it flips open. To close the lid, push down until you heard a “click” and it is securely shut. You don’t have to worry about the lid opening accidently when serving and pouring.

A full kettle (1.7 liter) takes about 7 minutes to bring to a rolling boil. The water is heated by an 1100 wattage heating element, which is concealed below the stainless steel bottom. When the water comes to a boil, the automatic shut off function switch the kettle off. The kettle has also a boil dry protection if you involuntarily switch on the kettle while it is empty. There is no whistle or chime to alert you when the water has come to a boil, but you may hear the switch when it flicks to the OFF position. You can also tell that the kettle is off when the light in the water level gauge is extinguished.

Ovente-KP72-concealed-heating-elementThe kettle housing gets hot when in use, but the handle still stays cool and no steam burns your hand when pouring. The handle is comfortable and give you a good grip.

I have read a few reviews from others that have complained about a plastic smell, but I have not noticed any foul smell at all. The kettle, of course, smelled a bit when it was brand new, but the new plastic odor disappeared very quickly.


The Ovente KP72 is a nice electric kettle that comes in five different lovely colors. The kettle housing is made of BPA-free plastic, but it feels a bit flimsy. It not a major issue, but it is not premium quality which you really can’t expect from such a cheap electric kettle. Overall, a good kettle does exactly what it is supposed to do.

+ Cheap.
+ Useful features.
+ Available in 5 colors.

A bit flimsy.