Why buy an electric cordless water kettle?

Are you still using your old stove-top kettle? Then you should seriously consider buying an electric cordless tea kettle, you will probably find it a lot more convenient. There are several other good reasons to let your old stove-top kettle retire and collect dust somewhere.

More efficient

The modern electric cordless water kettles are more energy efficient than the regular stove when it comes to boiling water. The stove has often a heating element with more wattage than the regular electric cordless water kettle, but the electric kettle is still faster. The reason for the electric tea kettle being both faster and more energy efficient is due to the placement of the heat source. The heat source of the electric kettle is usually an electric coil, which is normally located under a thin stainless steel plate in the bottom of the kettle. The thin stainless steel plate is heated up quickly before it start heating up the water.

When boiling water on a stove-top, doesn’t matter if it is a regular electric, gas or induction stove, you will need either a regular stove kettle or an casserole. The kettle and casserole have a thicker bottom, which means that more material needs to be heated and energy is wasted.

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When you want to boiling water to either a cup of tea, instant soup or what ever you might like, what is easier and more hassle-free than using an electric cordless kettle? Lift the kettle up from its base and fill it up with either tap or bottled water before returning it. Just place the electric kettle back on its 360-degrees swivel base before you flip the switch to “on“. As you wait for the water to come to a boil you can leave the kitchen and do something else without any worries. The modern electric cordless water kettle will turn itself off when the water boils and you won’t risk the water boiling over and make a mess. When the water is boiled, just lift the kettle up and pour or bring the kettle to the breakfast table.

Useful features

The electric kettle can have various features that will make your day easier. I will take a closer look at some of the features below.

  • Automatic shut-off and boil-dry protection – You can find these two features on most electric kettles today. The automatic shut-off function, as the name implies, turns the kettle off when the water comes to a full boil. The boil-dry protection shuts the kettle off before it becomes overheated if you accidentally turn on the kettle while the kettle is empty.
  • Variable temperature control – The variable temperature control allows you to not just boil the water, but also heat up the water to specific preset temperatures. This feature is perfect for tea lovers since some tea types (Oolong, white and green) require a lower temperature than boiling hot (212°F) to get the best result.
  • Keep warm function – The keep warm or temperature hold function keeps the heated water hot if you would like a second cup of tea or coffee. This function is perfect for people who drink more than one cup and when you have your friends over for a couple of cups of tea or coffee.


The electric cordless water kettles can be used to boil water to all kinds of things. You don’t just need to use it for your tea, coffee or instant soup, but the electric kettle can also be used when you cook. Instead of waiting for your stove to boil up water for you spaghetti, why don’t you use the electric kettle to boil the water before adding it to your casserole on the stove. It is more energy efficient and you will save some time.

Only use your electric cordless water kettle to boil water. Don’t even try to boil something like milk, it will only burn at the bottom and you will have a hard job getting the kettle cleaned. If you ever get the kettle clean, you most likely will get a bad taste from the water afterwards. Use your electric kettle only for water or you might risk having to buy a new kettle.

Important kitchen appliance

I would go as far as to say that an electric cordless water kettle is a must in every modern kitchen. I can’t understand how I managed to live without an electric kettle before. Well, I must confess that I am a tea lover and drink several cups a day and the electric cordless water kettle has made my day easier.

Some say the electric kettle takes too much space on the kitchen counter, but you can get electric kettles in every size and shape. I am sure you will find a kettle that fits your kitchen. Small or large. Modern or traditional.

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