Review: Zojirushi CD-WBC 30

The Zojirushi CD-WBC 30 is not a regular looking electric cordless water kettle. I am not sure if I can even call it a kettle, it would be more correct to call it a water boiler. This water boiler has all the features you could dream of and to keep track of the functions you only need to take a quick glance at the display (LCD).

Product features

Capacity of 3 liter (available in 4 liter as well).
• Instant hot water.
Four different temperature settings.
Hold temperature function with timer.
Easy to use with buttons and display.
Automatic shut-off function.

Zojirushi CD-WBC 30 review

If you buy the Zojirushi water boiler thinking it is a regular electric cordless water kettle you will be either very disappointed or very happy with it. The Zojirushi water boiler will give you hot water instantly while the normal electric kettles will use a minute or two, I like idea of instant hot water.

The way the water boiler can deliver hot water instantly is because it keeps the water at a specific temperature all the time. With a push of a button the electric pump dispense nearly-boiling water to your cup. But you should know that this water boiler is “on” all the time and has no on/off switch. Zojirushi has fitted a timer that allows the water boiler to stay turned off for 6 to 10 hours. A nice feature to save energy at night when it is not in use and still have hot water ready for breakfast. This function would be more useful if it could be programed to shut off daily at a specific time, but due to some stupid reason you need to turn on the timer manually every night.

High tech kitchen equipment

Zojirushi has managed to build this water boiler with all thinkable features. The water boiler has even something called micro-computerized technology (MICOM), this feature with a fancy name keeps the water at the selected temperature at all times. The water boiler let you choose between four different temperatures (140°F, 175°F, 195°F and 212°F) and with a quick glance at the LCD display will let you know the selected temperature.

The nicest feature is maybe the electric dispenser, place the cup under the tap and with a push of a button hot water is pouring into your cup. The café drip dispensing mode decreases the water flow to 60% of normal flow and is perfect for people drinking drip coffee. As you and your family or colleagues have used the water boiler all day it might need a refill and when the water level is low it will notify the user with a short melody or a chime. The water boiler has also a wide-window water level indicator to more easily keep track of the amount of water left at any time.

When it is time to refill the water boiler you can either refill it with a pitcher or bring the whole water boiler to the tap using the practical carry handle. The power cord is detachable and is magnetic to make the attachment and detachment easier. Another thing about the power cord, it is only 3 feet and I think it is too short.

The dechlorinate mode

When it comes boiling water I think the Zojirushi WD-WBC 30 is too slow. The boiling cycle takes up to 15 minutes but includes a dechlorinate function. The dechlorinate mode claims to reduce the chlorine and odors from the tap water by extending the boiling time. I don’t have any problems with chlorine taste from my tap water so I haven’t been able to test this function and can’t comment it any further. Any time you refill or top off the water boiler will heat up the water to a full boil for a minute before it let the water cool to the selected temperature. This is a good thing for people who only top off the water boiler and are sloppy with cleaning because it will kill any bacteria build up.

The Zojirushi WD-WBC 30 has some more features like steam-save function, descaling function, nonstick interior, safety auto shut-off, reboil mode and a swivel base. These features and functions are self-explanatory so I am not going to explain them in detail.


I would start off saying that this water boiler is a great product, but might not fit for everybody. The Zojirushi WD-WBC 30 would probably fit a large family, office, a club house or a place where people drink lots of cups of either tea or coffee. It is not practical for one person or a small family to use. Remember that this water boiler needs to be on all the time to work as it is suppose to. As I mentioned above, the water boiler uses 15 minutes to boil the water which is extremely slow so it cannot be used as a normal electric cordless water kettle.

The housing has a Champagne gold finish which I think look just hideous, but I guess some people like it. Other than that, the Zojirushi CD-WBC30 is an easily addictive product.

The Zojirushi WD-WBC30 comes in a bigger version also which is called Zojirushi WD-WBC 40 (4 liter).

+ Instant hot water.
+ Lots of features.
+Excellent for a large family or office.

No “on/off” switch.
Boils slowly.